Welcome to my blog!

New entries are posted at least once a month.

In order to better seize the moment, I have made myself a list of “sidequests in life”. It is never too early to remember that time does go fast. Explore, experience, enjoy! Among places to see and activities to try out, there are numerous books to read and games to play – and the task to write a review of each good book and game.


The purpose of this blog is to write reports about the progress of my sidequests (Quests) so that I may not forget them, and to publish my book reviews (Books) and game reviews (Games). You may check these categories according to your liking. Any works I have made or participated in making are listed in the links page (Links). I sincerely hope you will find something interesting, inspiring or intriguing.

As for me, myself and I? I am an IT Master’s student in her twenties. My interests include books (sci-fi, fantasy, classics), video games (anything goes, but focus on rpgs), Tae Kwon Do and a bit of programming.
I enjoy reading, writing, gaming, drawing and puzzle-solving, and take interest in astronomy, history and mythology.
I love forests, castles, heights and watery places, as well as winter and the night sky.

Thank you for reading, and keep checking back once in a while! Comments are also very welcome.



3 thoughts on “About

    • Do it! I’ll follow your progress then as well! I can honestly say that following these goals has made me much happier with my life than I was before I made the list. Sometimes it takes a list of goals to finally do the things you have always wanted to do.

      • Yeah I really get that. Having no goals is like being dead. It’s horrible. But getting them out like this seems like a good way to not forget them and also to prioritise/plan XD — A lot of mine will be pretty cheesy like travelling and seeing certain things etc.

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